Christina Hall

I have always loved being on and around the water and the sea. Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, I grew up landlocked. Yet, my mother made certain that I was a strong swimmer, and summer trips to southern California were an annual treat. Playing in the waves for hours during the day led to evenings longing to again be tossed about by the sea.

My interest in sailing formed a few decades later, around the year 2000, while I lived briefly in Washington, DC. I do not recall what ignited the spark. However, like sirens beckon sailors, the “art form” of the ancient transportation method combined with the integrity of the skilled sport began to lure me. By 2010, I knew I wanted to learn how to sail…someday.

In 2013, after a period of personal difficulty, I seized an opportunity to move from Phoenix to live by the ocean. I chose Long Beach to be near close friends. In 2014, I was able to pursue sailing lessons through Leeway Sailing Center (City of Long Beach Parks and Recreation Program). The talented (and very patient) instructors at Leeway made learning to sail fun!

I love sailing and plan to make it a life-long pursuit. My goals include crewing (racing and cruising), participating in regattas, skippering eventually, and volunteering as much as time permits. When not sailing, I can be found relaxing with friends or with my furry, four-legged “family.” I also enjoy yoga (certified instructor, 2007), travel, food and wine.

I would like to especially extend my warmest gratitude to Dominic Meo III and Henk Baars for welcoming me into their International Tempest program and introducing me to the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club family. I am thrilled they found me!