Boat Rebuilding

DR. J - Meet the Fleet

Phase I Phase II
  1. Condition of Boat Before Rebuild Project
  2. Patching, Repairing and Priming
  3. Rebuilding Rudder
  4. Removing the Stern Drain Tubes
  5. Stiffening Cockpit Floor for New Barney Post
  6. New Paint and Polished Keel
  7. Inspection Port Covers
  8. Installing Forestay Turning Block
  9. Replacing the Old Rubrail
  10. Applying Non-Skid to Rubrail
    1. Drawing Outline of Non-Skid Tape on Deck
    2. Masking Off Area to be Coated with Contact Cement
    3. Applying Non-Skid Tape
  11. New Gasket for Lazarette Cover
  12. Rebuilding Mast
    1. Installing New Jib Halyard Sheave
    2. Installing T-Ball Plate for Forestay
  13. Rebuilding Trailer
    1. New Tie-Downs
    2. Safety Chain
    3. Wiring for Lights
  14. Completion of Phase I
  1. Backstay Crane for Mast
  2. Building Mast Step
  3. Guide Tube for Forestay Extension
  4. Installing Foam Blocks
  5. Installing Mast Collar
  6. Installing Mast Partner
  7. Installing Mast-Bender Controls
  8. Jib Halyard Tensioning System
  9. New Main Halyard Sheave
  10. Rebuilding Mast Partner
  11. Spinnaker Bags
  12. Support Plate for Cleats
  13. Support Struts for Bridge
 LONG TERM AFFAIR - Meet the Fleet

Phase I  
  1. Coming Soon
 ARABESQUE - Meet the Fleet

Phase I  
  1. Coming Soon